The mission of PA DanceSport Ballroom is “enhancing lives through dance.” Building a community of dancers who collaborate in dance and allow movement to enrich their lives is what drives this business. Patrons who walk through our doors and step onto our floor leave whatever is troubling them behind. They learn to move and smile and when they leave, they feel better than when they arrived. Facilitating that transition is at the heart of what we do through dance.

Some of our community building activities are:

  • Two general dances a week: Wednesday and Friday Nights
  • Semi-Annual showcases: Winter Exhibition and Summer Sundance
  • USISTD Medal Testing: Adjudicated examinations of dance by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance
  • Dance Festival Attendance and Competition
  • Symphony Galas
  • Dance Formations and Performances
  • Flash Mobs
  • Choreographing and Coaching Dance for School Musicals
  • Coaching Ballroom to Ballet Schools

For photos of our fun community events, check out our photos and videos page.